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50th Year Reunion



Jackie Rickabaugh Ballance has put together a moving tribute to our classmate, Vicky Chen.  Those who are interested in reading the book can email Jackie at jackieballance@comcast.net




Reunion Weekend Agenda

Rich East Class of 1963 - 50th Anniversary Reunion

Marriott Lincolnshire Resort

Lincolnshire, Illinois

September 27 - 29, 2013










Welcome to Your Rich East High School 50th Reunion!

“We are the Rockets” Class of 1963!


Weekend Agenda Summary


Friday, September 27

      9:00  -  4:00     Rich East Field Trip

      3:00  -  5:00     Registration

      5:30  -  ?        Meet and Greet

Saturday, September 28

      7:00  -  11:00    Breakfast

      9:00  -  4:00     Golf Outing   &   On Your Own Activities

      5:00  -  7:00     Levin Photography – Individual Alumni Photos

      5:30  -  7:00     Cocktail Reception

      7:00  -  8:30     Reunion Dinner

      8:30  -  11:00    Entertainment and Dancing

Sunday, September 29

      9:00  -  11:00    Farewell Breakfast

      12:30             Brief Committee Members Meeting




Detailed Weekend Agenda


Friday, September 27, 2013  –  Rich East Field Trip - Marc Hynes, Organizer

       9:00 – 4:00 Tour to Rich East and Park Forest Museum

            Reserve in advance on the REHS website  ($25.00 bus fee).

            11:00  Park Forest History Museum Tour

            12:00  Lunch buffet at Dunagains Irish Pub     $10.00 per person 

            2:00  Rich East tour and meeting with Principal Kramer

       3:00 – 5:00  Reunion Registration  -  Rich East Hospitality Suite  

            * Please self-register if you arrive after 5:00.

            Keys for the Hospitality Suite can be obtained at the Lobby Desk with                presentation of your name tag or reunion ticket.  Lock Registration Room door             after exiting – this is a secure setting storing valuable reunion supplies!


Reunion Registration

            Registration Table:   Lynne, Caryl, Arlene

            Program Design and Assembly:   Lynne Carr Warnock

            Reunion Weekend Agenda:   Rosie Monroe Broberg



            Memorabilia Table:  Virginia, Sheila

Please bring articles, souvenirs, photos, or other memorabilia from our high school days.  Virginia or Sheila will tag them and display them on our memorabilia table in our Hospitality Suite.  

             Special Events and Activities Table:  Carolyn, Kaye

Carolyn will be available to review Lincolnshire and Chicago attractions, maps, and brochures with you.  Kaye has procured copies of the Chicago “Where” magazine for your review.  A message board will be on display where you can post a request or offer a ride to classmates for various events, or post a message for others.   This will make it convenient for car pools to be organized.  Don’t forget to sign-up!  Contact the Marriott Concierge for reservations and ticket purchases for special activities, tours and excursions. 

            Golf  Outing Information Table:  Carolyn, Phil

     Phil Stewart and Carolyn Edwards McHenry will be available for      information regarding our REHS golf outing.  If you signed up   and paid for the Saturday Golf Outing, please check with Carolyn     in the Hospitality Suite for your tee time.  Please check the class website for more detailed information.  You may also reserve private       tee times with the Pro Shop.






            Hospitality Room Food and Drinks

     Classmates - You may bring your own food and alcoholic or non-     alcoholic beverages into the hospitality suite to share.

     A stocked bar and munchies are available compliments of Jim Kiley,       Joe Nicolosi, Carolyn Edwards McHenry, Kaye Smith Stewart,     and Rosie Monroe Broberg.  Thank you for your donations!

Marc Hynes  –  Rich East Private Label Wine - Fundraiser

     Marc has procured private label “Rich East Class of 1963 Reunion”            bottles of wine for purchase, with proceeds going to Rich East High                    School and continued maintenance of our class website                              (www.richeast63.com).  The private label wine will be sold in the                            Hospitality Suite and at the Reunion Dinner.  This purchase                          not only benefits a worthy cause, but serves as a tasty souvenir of                 our reunion celebration.  Please buy a bottle…or more!                        $20.00  per bottle. 

Joe Nicolosi  –  Media Table and Lagoon DVD Fundraiser

                   Joe will be selling a DVD with copies of the 1960, 61, 62, 63                        “Lagoon” for $20.00.  Proceeds will go to our reunion fund and                          continued maintenance of our class website.  Buy several for yourself,                          family, or friends!





            Joe Nicolosi  -  Classmate Photography Upload Procedure

If you have a cell phone that takes pictures, we strongly encourage you to take as many pictures as you want of all events and activities throughout the reunion weekend.  We will have a “high-tech” yet very easy way for you to share your pictures with all your classmates.  As you take photos with your phone, you’ll simply text or email each one to the following address:   make63into@photos.flickr.com

These photos will automatically upload to a slide show and will immediately be displayed on our big-screen monitor at the reunion.  We will have a 50” monitor showing a “real time” continuous loop of pictures you have taken.  This procedure works with either a digital camera or a cell phone.  Joe can also upload your digital pictures into the slide show using your camera’s memory card.  After the reunion, you can upload your personal photos to our class website www.richeast63.com so that we can view, download, print, and share our favorites!  We will be donating the 50” wide-screen television to Rich East as a gift from the Class of 1963.  Thanks to Joan Brady Long for delivering it to the school.


Friday, September 28, 2013    “Meet and Greet”

       5:30  -  ??       “Meet and Greet” -  Marriott Bar and Lounge - Casual Attire   

            No Host drinks and restaurant menu are available.

            On Your Own  -  Dinner/Dancing /Socializing

            Make reservations at the Marriot in house restaurants or check out local               restaurants and cocktail lounges!




Saturday, September 28, 2013  -  Golf  or  On Your Own Activities

       7:00 – 11:00   Breakfast

            The Marriott has two buffets available, as well as several in-house                       restaurants.  The Marriott has a discounted Grand Buffet at the “King’s                    Wharf” restaurant which can be purchased for $35.00 per person (discounted                  rate with room reservation).  They also offer a moderately priced breakfast                     buffet in the “Fairfield Inn” for $19.00 (no reservations necessary).  The                    Marriott Bar and Lounge offers a great selection of meals and beverages.                    There is also a “Starbucks” restaurant on site for lighter meals.

       9:00 – 4:00  Golf Outing - Phil, Carolyn

Meet at the Pro Shop where you can rent golf equipment and/or have a light breakfast or lunch.  Now is the time for your “hole-in-one!”    

       9:00 – 4:00  On Your Own Activities                                          

           Please review the tourist brochures and the “Chicago Where” magazine at                the Special Events table in the Hospitality Suite for Chicago and                             Lincolnshire attractions and activities.  Get together with friends and plan a                   great day!  Sign up for car-pooling and/or group activities on the message                   board in the Hospitality Suite!

                 Some Local Area Attractions:

         Par King Mini Golf  (award winning classic 60’s style course).                    Let’s try to get a group together for this!!                                     Weather permitting!  5 minutes from Resort.



         Cuneo Museum and Gardens in Vernon Hills, Illinois

              This is an historic estate featuring period furnishings, classical                   paintings, and lovely gardens.  This estate is owned and                       operated by Loyola University at Chicago.  8 minutes away.

         Long Grove HistoricVillage, Long Grove, Ill.

              Illinois’ first historic district features an interesting mix of                  shops, restaurants, art, and entertainment.  “Apple Fest” is                        scheduled for Sept. 27-29.   10 minutes away.

        Marriott Theater is currently showing “9 to 5” as the feature                  presentation.  This is a classic comedy about the antics of                   working girls everywhere!  Purchase tickets at the box office.

            * Consult the Marriott Concierge for additional information about Chicago                   and Lincolnshire attractions, tours, and hotel amenities.  Please reserve special               tours and purchase tickets at the Concierge desk in advance.  

       5:00 – 7:00        Levin Photography will be available in the mini-suite next to our             hospitality room to take individual alumni photos.  Using “Green Screen                Technology” he will blend our individual photos together to create a group                     photo that will be far superior to traditional group pictures.  All alumni must                 have an individual photo taken to be included in the group photo.  You   can                 purchase a 10 x 24 group photo for $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping to your home.               He will take small group or couples photos as time allows.  We are contracted        for two hours.  DON’T  BE  LATE!

       5:30 – 7:00       Cocktail Reception  –  Casual / Dressy Attire  (ties optional)

            Cash bar, Canapes - Pavilion Tent Reception Area


       7:00 – 8:30 Rich East Class of 1963 Reunion Dinner

       7:45 – 8:00    “Welcome” -  Rosie Monroe Broberg  -  Reunion Chairperson    


                 Laura Dailey:   Marriott Reunion Planner

                 Reunion Volunteers       

            Classmate Reunion Donors

   Rosie Monroe Broberg         Kaye Smith Stewart

   Joe Nicolosi                     Bill Paul

   Dean Osterling                   Greg Waller

   Marc Hynes                     Nancy White Sullivan

   Donna Busby Correll           Jim Kiley  

   Carolyn Edwards McHenry    Arlene Gerstel Clay


            Introduction of the REHS 50th Reunion Committee

                 * Executive Committee:

                      * Rosie Monroe Broberg – Reunion Chairperson, Hospitality                               Food and Beverages, Weekend Agenda

         * Joe Nicolosi – Music and Entertainment, Classmate Research,                    Hospitality Spirits and Wine, “In Memoriam” poster,                     Multi-Media Presentation, Class Website Administrator,

              Name Tags Creator


         * Marc Hynes – Legal Advisor, Music and Entertainment, Rich               East Tour Organizer, Rich East private label wine fundraiser     

         * Ed Schmal – Treasurer

         * Jim Kiley – Marriott Reunion Business Coordinator,                        Location Selection, Hospitality Spirits and Wine  

                      * Kaye Smith Stewart – Location Selection, Food and Beverage                            Selections, Marriott Lincolnshire Liaison, Special Events

                 Committee Chairs:

         Arlene Gerstel Clay – Decorations, Registration Packets,                        “In Memoriam” and Patriotic Tribute

         Lynne Carr Warnock - Centerpieces and Reunion Decorations,                   Registration Packets - Design and Assembly

         Carolyn Edwards McHenry – Events and Attractions Table,                     Golf Organizer, Hospitality Food and Beverages

         Caryl Harris Sewell – Registration Packet Distribution,                        Name Tags Assembly  

         Virgina Hasler Painter, Sheila Quinell Hopkins –                                   Memorabilia Table, Classmate Correspondence

         Bob Witanowski – Classmate Location Research, Historian

         Phil Stewart – Golf Outing Team Organizer

         Dean Osterling – Photography Chair

         Mike O’Bryant/Dean Bamer – Props, Equipment Set-up


            8:00 – 8:15  In Memoriam Tribute  –  Arlene Gerstel Clay

            Candle Lighting, Remembrance Poem   

      8:15 – 8:30       Introduction of Key Note Speaker

            Class of 1963 President  –  Mr. Marc Hynes,  Esq.

       8:30 – 11:00   Entertainment and Dancing – DJ’s Marc and Joe

            Laugh along with us as our guest entertainers make light about the 60’s                  generation, 50 year reunions, getting older,       higher prices, and current events.                 They will amuse us with their humorous commentaries of Rich East memories                 and high school activities!        

                             Give it Up for Mark “The Shark” Hynes

                                 And  Joe “The Schmo” Nicolosi

                        Dancing Contests!  Guess that Song!   1960’s Trivia!

                           Skits!    Who’s the Artist?   Classmate Awards! 


            Open Mike – Your time to shine!

                 Classmates…You are invited to use the “Open Mike” to share your                     own memories of Rich East, entertain us with a song, amuse us with a                         joke, tell us a story, do a dance, shout out a cheer, make a comment,                           show photos of your family, and recall  humorous events from Rich East!                     It’s your time to shine!!!  “Open Mike” will be available all evening.  




      11:00         Last Dance

       11:00  -  ?  Free Socializing – Lobby, Patio, Hospitality Suite

            * Joe will be uploading the “Sensational 60’s Dance Music” to “You                  Tube” for your listening pleasure.  “You Tube” download directions are                available on a CD at the media table in the Hospitality Suite.


Sunday, September 29, 2013   Farewell Breakfast Buffet

         9:00 - 11:00   Let’s try to meet for an informal farewell gathering at the                       moderately priced breakfast buffet in the “Fairfield Inn.”  No reservations                   necessary.


“Farewells and Goodbyes”

Marriott Lobby and Hotel Entrance

Casual photos, Group photos, Last Laughs, Contact Info


      12:00         Marriott Check-Out Time


* Be sure to pick up all your belongings from your room, Hospitality Suite, and Memorabilia Table.  Remember your “Lagoon” DVD, Rich East Wine purchases, and your souvenir Rich East Reunion Program folder.





       12:30         Brief Committee Members Meeting – Marriott Lobby

This will be our final meeting as members of the Rich East Class of 1963 - 50th Reunion Committee.  It will be great to spend some time reminiscing about the amazing times we shared planning and attending our reunion together!


      We   Did   It!!!!!     A Toast is in Order!    J


*If you are interested in serving on the committee for our next REHS reunion - please contact Rosie Monroe Broberg  (krbroberg@msn.com) or Joe Nicolosi (joenicolosi@comcast.net) for information.

WE NEED YOU to volunteer for this very important committee!!!


Optional Sunday Afternoon Activities  -  On Your Own  

Explore some local tours, attractions, excursions, and museums.  Take a hike, play some golf, go for a swim, or work out in the fitness center!  Go to a movie, try some bowling, read a book, or just relax! 


Marriott Theater Performance at 1:00 and 7:00   

Make reservations with the Marriott Box Office.



Farewell and Goodbye to the Rich East Class of 1963!

Thank you for attending our 50th Reunion Celebration!


Stay Connected on our richeast63.com class website!


Live Honestly     Laugh Often     Love Deeply

Speak Kindly      Remember Joyfully     Go Rockets!














The Committee for the Class of '63 reunion is a group of volunteers  assembled to plan and present several activities over the weekend of September 27-29, 2013 for fellow classmates.  A non-refundable payment for attendance at the reunion event confirms the understanding and agreement that the Committee and its individual members cannot and do not make any guarantee as to the outcome of the event and will have no liability for damage or injury which may be sustained by participants in the event.  Participants further understand and agree that their non-refundable payment confirms that they will be bound by all of the provisions with respect to this website set out in detail on the Important Disclaimer page of this website, and incorporated herein.



Rooms at the Marriott Lincolnshire Resort are subject to availability. Those who plan to attend should make room reservations now, so that you don't miss out. Call their worldwide toll-free number, (800) 228-9290. Our block of rooms at the lower rate are all reserved, but you can get reasonable rates at the Marriott Courtyard, 505 Milwaukee Ave., Lincolnshire, IL 60069, which is about a mile from the resort. Rates are subject to change and rooms are subject to availability.



Reunion (Friday September 27 2013)

Tickets are $125 apiece if you pay by credit card, or by check.
Sorry, you must be logged in to buy tickets. If you would like to order please log in here.
Reunion Party $125.00
Lagoons DVD $20.00
Golf Greens Fee Incl. Cart (9 Holes - per person) $50.51
Golf Greens Fee Incl. Cart (18 Holes - per person) $72.96
Tour of REHS and Park Forest $25.00
Wine Bottle Donation $25.00
Reunion Photos DVD $10.00